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Our services extend from the first planning steps, through finding the solution to the realization of your logistics center, followed by support for commissioning and stand-by for initial days of operation.

We electively act as planner and/or general contractor and thus form the ideal interface between the operator and all necessary, project specific sub-crafts.

We also support operators of existing plants with the development of maintenance and service concepts, workshops for employees or yearly safety inspections.

Stated below is a brief summary of our services. As an independent engineering company, we form a strong partner for you and your business and have the ability to respond flexibly to your project-specific needs.  

We look forward to lead your project to success!

Our Services

We support you in...

Evaluation and Validation

In order to increase the confidence on the feasibility and added value of your plant, we create a 3D Sketch for you, clarify the space requirement, create a cost estimate and provide information about the ongoing activities and the required personnel expenses for the planned operation.

Optimization of Internal Processes

As an external Partner in the field of intra-logistics we can look at your internal processes with an objective view and unaffected by historically grown systems. This allows us to show you potential for improvement.

Intra-Logistics Planning

Almost all intra-logistic plants are tailor-made and specially adapted to the product and the needs of our customers. Intra-logistic planning with all the trimmings is our core competence. We look forward to design for your product an affordable, stable and regarding future extensions sustainable solution that meets all your requirements.

Project Management

It is our goal to be your continuous contact for all your needs, from the initial evaluation of the project until acceptance of the fully functional system. We also give support in partial project phases, if requested. As an independent Partner, we are able to work with your preferred suppliers to leverage our experience in project management for your project success.

Retrofit and Expansion

After a survey of building and site we create a 3D-Layout and check based on the spatial conditions in what form your existing plant can be expanded. We then coordinate the time schedule and find a scenario for the modification during operational hours.

General Contractor Projects

As mentioned above, it is a pleasure for us to realize your project as general contractor. 

and in many other Activities...

  • Creating tenders
  • Commercial planning of projects
  • Offer tests
  • Schedule coordination
  • Project management
  • Support for all necessary sub-trades (such as: fire doors, fast running doors, special purpose machines, portal cranes,…)
  • Claim management
  • Cost and schedule control
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Creating documentations
  • Safety tests
  • Risk assessments and FMEA
  • Workshops for employees
  • Ergonomics assessment and improvement
  • 3D CAD Planning
  • Acceptance tests of plants and trades