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Over the past years, BSLOG could handle a multitude of projects to the satisfaction of our customers. You will find a short abstract of our references below.



Production of the semiaxes of the new Mercedes E (production start: mid-2015) required a complete modification of the following monorail system. Together with this modification it was necessary to revise extensive processes, so that JIS-Production could be introduced. BSLOG developed the technical specification for the entire project.

Furthermore BSLOG was responsible for the elaboration of a concern standard for all new high-bay warehouses and automatic miniload-systems.



BSLOG developed a complete tender for a new intralogistic plant, consisting of high-bay warehouse, miniload-system and extensive conveyor solution.

Finally BSLOG created a comparison based on technical and commercial facts, which made the customer able to choose a contractor.

Conveyor Technology Production


internal logistics, workplace ergonomics, material flow design, waste management concept

Mechanical Engineering


An already disassembled automatic warehouse plant - consisting of storage and retrieval system, angel shelf picking zone including weighing equipment and control components – has been completely overhauled and rebuilt for a successful engineering company near Wels.

BSLOG took the investigation of the static and fire protection requirements at the new location and then organized transport, maintenance and installation. Further activities were the allocation of third-party systems, time scheduling – including continuous progress checks and acceptance tests – and the re-commissioning of the plant. BSLOG was also responsible for the clarification of the legal situation regarding the re-commissioning of a used warehouse system.

At the very beginning of this project the plant consisted of obsolete single components – today the revitalized stacker crane handles more than 1.600 fully automated storage positions.